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Sale of Businesses

If you are buying or selling a business the main aims are always the same - to minimise costs when buying and maximise proceeds when selling.

The most important method of achieving this is to ensure the transaction is structured correctly.

We have considerable experience acting for clients buying and selling businesses of all types. We will also liaise with your solicitors or introduce one if necessary.

As accountants we not only deal with the various financial / tax issues but also, with solicitors' assistance:

  • review the structure of contracts,
  • negotiate on your behalf if required,
  • review security of proceeds when selling or assist with the location of funding when buying,
  • assist purchasers advisers during a 'due diligence' investigation when selling or provide the 'due diligence' investigation when buying.

When purchasing a business, we offer confidential approaches, on your behalf, to the vendor should this be necessary.

We also provide a telephone / fax / e-mail messaging service, receiving information and forwarding it confidentially.

When selling, we are also able to offer:-

  • a confidential advertising service - we will arrange the advertisements in publications of your choice and pre-agree costs, make all arrangements with publishers and receive responses on your behalf referring them to you confidentially. Publishers can invoice us direct.
  • we can compile and publish brochures for prospective purchasers - brief details initially with full information once confidentiality statements are in place. These will not only include a review of the business and financial information but also, as appropriate, photographs, brochures, plans etc - sufficient to provide all the information required to enable a prospective buyer to make an initial decision.

Our aim is to make acquiring of disposing a business of any type and size as trouble free as possible. If we are able to help you in any other way during this process please ask.