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HMRC rejected Self Assessment expenses and excuses

05 Feb 2018

HMRC have released the latest list of imaginative excuses made by individuals who failed to submit their self assessment return by 31 January deadline in 2017.

Tax-free childcare roll out

05 Feb 2018

The implementation of Tax-Free Childcare, the new government scheme to help working parents with the cost of childcare, is being rolled out to eligible parents in stages.

HMRC halts thousands of scam text messages

05 Feb 2018

HMRC have announced that they have stopped thousands of taxpayers from receiving scam text messages 'with 90 percent of the most convincing texts now halted before they reach their phones'.

Updated list of professional subscriptions

05 Feb 2018

Employees are allowed to claim tax relief on their annual professional fees or subscriptions to some HMRC approved professional organisations.

What will the Spring Statement bring?

05 Feb 2018

We had two Budgets in 2017 and the Spring Statement is planned for Tuesday 13 March.

Scotland revise income tax bands

05 Feb 2018

Derek Mackay, Scottish Finance Secretary, has made a change to the proposed Scottish income tax bands for 2018/19.

Scottish Draft Budget

05 Jan 2018

Finance Secretary Derek Mackay delivered the 2018/19 Scottish Draft Budget on Thursday 14 December 2017 setting out the Scottish government's financial and tax plans.

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax and First-Time Buyer Relief

05 Jan 2018

The Scottish government announced that they will introduce a new Land and Buildings Transaction Tax relief for first-time buyers.

Welsh Land Transaction Tax

05 Jan 2018

The Welsh Parliament have announced changes to proposed rates and bands for Land Transaction Tax which is to be introduced in Wales from 1 April 2018.

Proposals to extend pensions auto enrolment to younger workers

05 Jan 2018

The government has announced proposals to extend pensions auto enrolment to include younger workers and to amend the way in which contributions are calculated.

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